Selling Bitcoins

Selling Bitcoins is easy

As a guide we've outlined the process in 4 steps

1. Create An Account

To begin, you will need a to Create An Account and then get verified.

2. Add A Bank Account

Visit the Bank Accounts Page and register your bank account to receive payments.

3. Place Your Order

Visit the Sell Bitcoins Page and enter the amount of Bitcoin you wish to sell or the amount of AUD you wish to receive.

4. Send Us Bitcoin

Transfer the amount in Bitcoins to the wallet address provided in your order confirmation.
You must transfer your Bitcoin within 15 minutes of placing the order, if you miss the payment window your order will be cancelled or recalculated.

5. Receive AUD

Once we have confirmed your Bitcoin transfer, Australian Dollars will be sent to your nominated account.

Payments to Australian bank accounts will be received between 1 - 3 business days, this is dependent on bank processing times. If you have not received your funds after 3 business days please contact us via

Important: Network Fees

To ensure your order is processed as quickly as possible, when sending us BTC please ensure that we receive the exact amount speficified in the order.
After payment you can send us your Bitcoin Transaction ID via email to speed up the process.

If you send us a different amount due to network fees your order will be recalculated and may be subject to longer than usual processing times. Please refer to the documentation for your wallet for more information.

Important: Payment Window

Because the Bitcoin price fluctuates, we reserve the right to recalculate or cancel any sell orders where payment is not received within 15 minutes. Where possible we attempt to fulfil all orders, however, we maintain the right to not process any order requests for any reason, in which case your Bitcoins will be refunded back to you. Please view our terms and conditions or contact us via for further information.

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