How To Protect Yourself Online


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Internet fraud has been around for just about as long as the Internet itself. Each year, cybercriminals come up with new techniques and tactics designed to fool their potential victims. At Bit Trade we take your online protection and safety seriously. As such, the best protection that can be ever be under-taken is self-education, on-line safety awareness and prevention.

There is one thing in particular that sets online fraud apart from other Internet threats like viruses, Trojans, spyware, SMS blockers, spam, etc: the target of the cybercriminals is not a computer, whose security has to be circumvented, but a human who, as we all know, has his/her own vulnerabilities. That is why no program can ever provide users with 100% protection; we our-selves have to take a proactive stance in ensuring our own online security and best interests are met.

While the vast majority of on-line financial transactions are successful and hassle-free, we always recommend internet users to follow these simple steps to ensure they get the best out of their online experiences:

To best ensure you are as up to date and informed as possible on hot to protect your-self from online scams and fraud, we recommend you regularly visit the following sites for news, consumer advisories, and tips to stay safe online:

Scam Watch

Should you feel you have been the victim of a 3rd party online scam we suggest you contact your local Police and file a report right away. Bit Trade pro-actively takes steps to work with, and report matters of suspected or alleged fraud to, the police and all other relevant authorities.

Please feel free to contact us should we be of any assistance to you on this or any other matter:

Click here for up to date information on scams affecting Bit Trade customers

Remember, stay smart and stay safe online!