About Our Rates

Global Weighted Average

Bit Trade Australia prides itself on our sterling record of timely delivery, service provision, and customer satisfaction, as a leading Bitcoin provider in Australia.

Our rates reflect an average of the world's leading exchanges, across all currencies, and weighted by proportional market share.

In response to the shifting landscape of Bitcoin prices in the Australian and world markets, we employ a proprietary model of rates based on the global averages of Bitcoin from the worlds leading Bitcoin exchanges.

In the past, it was common to see providers base their rates solely on one exchange. However, to ensure our service remains robust and stable for the long-term, we, along with many of the worlds leading Bitcoin service providers, have recently begun moving toward a 'Global Weighted Average' system.

This method of system ensures a more balanced equilibrium when unexpected market changes may occur, as well as reflect a truer price of the Global Bitcoin value.